As a flight attendant I’ve spent plenty of time in the air and throughout the years I’ve definitely become a pro at traveling. When I travel for pleasure there are a few things I can’t fly without. My first priority is to be comfortable. I usually throw on my Zella live in legging and a floppy hat so when I fall asleep with my mouth wide open, drooling, no one has to witness. As a flight attendant it’s known that you MUST drink about 5 times as much water as normal when in the air. Hydrating is so important for your body, especially your skin. I also spray on Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir to keep my skin radiant and fight any dullness that occurs at 30,000 feet. My vegan leather tote from Urban Outfitters is a must and houses my laptop and reading material while my cute weekender is stowed overhead. I always carry a notepad and pen with me to jot down ideas, obligations and other to-do’s. Throw on a pair of sunnies and some headphones and you are ready to go!


I wanted to share with you guys my favorite brow products. I truly cannot live without these. It’s probably not healthy relationship but we all have our shortcomings. Before I share a brow tutorial with you guys I wanted to give you time to pick up my favorite products. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the brow […]

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