With festival season literally just around the corner, I wanted to put together a quick guide for the future festival-goers, whether that be for Coachella this & next weekend, Stagecoach the following weekend, or for any other festivals happening around the world! There are so many ways to go about dressing up for festivals and I think this is a great opportunity to truly have fun with what you wear! So without further ado, here is a quick guide to help you pull together the “perfect” festival outfit and show you different ways to make a statement:


This is a perfect way to elevate your look and add some pizazz if you have a relatively simple outfit! Shop my picks below:



This is another great way to bring some fun in the sun. Shop my picks below:


If necklaces or earrings don’t excite you, no worries – another way to make a splash is by adding a cool belt. Shop my picks below:


If accessories aren’t your thing, you can still make a statement with some patterned or colored bottoms! Balance out these statement bottoms with a simple top. Shop my picks below:


If you don’t have a statement bottom, but want something fun + flirty to wear with your cut-offs rock an eye-catching top. Balance out these statement tops with denim jeans or a simple skirt. Shop my picks below:


I believe a girl truly cannot have enough shoes…here are some great shoe options to tie your whole outfit together. Shop my picks below:

  • If you’re all about comfort, here are some cool sneakers:

  • If you’re all about making a statement but want your feet covered, here are some cool booties:

  • If you’re all about making a statement but showing off your cool pedi, here are some cool sandals:


To add the cherry on top, here are some other accessories that you could wear to really spice up your outfit: a functional, statement bag or backpack, a good hat (gotta protect yourself from the sun!), cool sunnies, and a cover-up for when it gets cooler at night. Shop my picks below!

Are you attending any festivals this year? What are some of your festival fashion must-haves? Share them below!