Ever wonder how the Victorias Secret models get those killer, slim and toned bodies? I mean besides the fact that they have great genetics and are like 6 feet tall, they put in a ton of work and one work out they love is called Lagree Fitness Megaformer training. Mega former training is a full body workout that tones, strengthens, burns fat, increases flexibility, lengthens your muscles, and kickstarts your metabolism. The megaformer machines work with constant resistance and allow you to move swiftly through each exercise with low impact on your joints.  Most classes are under an hour long and will leave you feeling like a sweaty, toned superwoman (sign me up!) It’s also a great workout to take with your boyfriend/husband! Avoid having to tell him he has a dad bod, just invite him to take a class with you!

Testimony from my friend Whitney Young AKA bod goals:

“A couple years ago I fell into a water fountain (long story) and I ended up injuring my knee. I was freaking out because after the spill I couldn’t lift weights as heavy as I was used to. A couple weeks later I walked into The Studio MDR and my life was changed forever. It was the perfect chance to change the workout rut I was in because, lets be honest, on top of my injury, I was getting burnt out going to a regular gym all the time. I would do 5 curl reps instead of 12 and leave the gym after 15 minutes on the stair stepper because fries sounded better.

The Megaformer workout is low impact and provides modifications, which means anyone can do it! You get your booty kicked by a trainer that is pushing you to not give up. You are in class with other people who help hold you accountable, and less than an hour later you walk out of class with a full body high. The sweat shows that you put in the work and the intense sore muscles you didn’t even know existed is a total accomplishment. After only 3 weeks of taking classes about twice a week, I noticed toning especially in my stomach and arms and noticed improvenmt in my posture. Whether you want to get in shape for your wedding day, get the abs you see in the magazines, or simply switch up your workout routine- I highly recommend this workout. It also mixes well with whatever you’re into- cycling, yoga or weight lifting. The Lagree fitness Megaforar training has completely changed my view on fitness and given me the body confidence every women deserves and desires.”

Whit is wearing Ethona work out gear. Enter code “whitney10” for 10% off your entire purchase. If you live in LA and want to try The Studio MDR, get your first class free using code “ambassador” when you go in!


NYC- Brooklyn Body Burn

Houston- HIP Fitness

Chicago- Body R&D

Toronto- Studio Lagree

Denver- Fierce 45 (I will be trying this out soon!!)



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