I’m sure most of you have run into this problem at one time or another in your lives: you have a giant empty wall in your home and don’t have the budget to fill it with a $2,000 piece of art. And let’s be honest- you can only have so many giant clocks hanging in your home before it becomes overkill. So what do you do?! One of my absolute favorite design tricks is the gallery wall. If it’s done right, it can add so much elegance and charm to a home while still staying on a reasonable budget. And it adds a very personal touch if you use your own photos. If you want to keep it classic and simple, I love the idea of using black and white photos with a super simple frame. Target has great deals on frames and other fun pieces you can throw in with the framed photos. If you want to add some color to a space, try some fun watercolor paintings in a set of gold frames. Here are some ideas of frames & wall art that I think would perfect for your own little gallery wall!

lauren b