I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why it gets a bad rap because even when I was single, I loved V-day!! Growing up my mom always made a fabulous dinner and decorated the table with beautiful flowers, candles and plenty of pink. As a family, we used this day as a time to stop and say what we love most about each person in our family. My mom would print out a blank, heart-shaped piece of paper and set it at each persons seat. Before sitting down for our meal, we all had to go around the table and write what we love most about that person on their paper heart. Before digging in to the special meal (usually steak or crab legs) we all were able to read what each family member appreciated about us.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance or known as ‘singles awareness day” but rather a day in which we tell ALL those around us why we love them. To this day I still store away all the paper hearts I’ve gathered throughout the years from my family and reading them back always reminds me that I am loved and encourages me to share with my family and friends what I appreciate most about them. Last year was the first Valentine’s Day that Ben and I had spent together so we decided to carry on my mom’s tradition and create for each other our own paper hearts. I am so thankful to have this tradition and I cannot wait until the day I can do this with my own family!

lauren b