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The easiest way to stay cool yet fashionable in the summer is with a fun, flowy maxi. You can basically walk into any store this time of year and find some rendition of the maxi yet not all maxis are created equal and here are some tips to pick to perfect summer dress:

Love the leg slit. Make sure there is a small slit in the bottoms of the dress. It’s universally flattering for all shapes and sizes and makes it look less like a maternity dress.

Fall in love with off the shoulder. It’s no secret I am a sucker for anything off the shoulder. It’s sexy and feminine without having to show everything God gave you (I’m all about leaving a little to the imagination).

The Deep V. If you are small chested and can get away with a deep V without mortifying your father and showing too much cleavage, do it. Remember- when having a conversation with a guy you want him to look you in the EYES. This is critical when experimenting with this look and keeping it classy.

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Photos by Valorie Darling
Makeup by Suzie Moldavon
Styled by TheStylistLA