Christmas is right around the corner (gasp) so I wanted to share with you some super cute, personal, and most important easy gift ideas. When it comes to the holidays, my family and I don’t do anything over the top, but we do like to exchange small gifts with one another. And because we don’t shower each other in presents, I like to make each gift I give personal and meaningful.






I have so many amazing women in my life and I just did ALL of my shopping for them with this super cute jewelry site called SOUFEEL. I think jewelry is the perfect gift because it’s so timeless (and you can never have enough of it!).

With SOUFEEL, you can personalize the items with interchangable charms and monograms, and all of the products are made with 100% 925 sterling silver. SOUFEEL provides great quality products while also allowing huge savings because they allow you to buy directly from the manufacturer, so you are bypassing the added costs that come with third party sellers.








Between Ben’s mom, my mom, my grandma, my sister, and my besties I really wanted to find personalized gifts that are affordable but also maintain a certain level of lasting quality. My personal favorite SOUFEEL item is the Name Necklace. This piece is a must for me when it comes to gift giving because it has that extra personal touch that I look for when I do my shopping. The gold necklaces are plated with 14k gold and of course the silver are made with everlasting sterling silver. How cute is this gold name necklace I ordered for my sister Mollie?!








I’m so happy to share with you guys some of my favorite gifts of the season. Shop all my favorites here and knock out your holiday shopping before this season kicks into full gear! Did I mention each piece comes in the cutest little box, bow and all? That means NO WRAPPING!! YES!

Coat from French Connection


Thank you for SOUFEEL for partnering on this post.

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