I wanted to let you guys in on my skincare routine for dry skin. I struggle with dull, dry skin here in Denver. My skin is naturally on the dryer side but here in ColoradoΒ it is seriously parched. Depending on where you live and what season of the year it is, our skin goes through many changes & mostΒ of us experience dryness at some point. Dry skin looks dull, tired, and actually accentuates wrinkles. Foundation and other makeup products can actually make dry skin look WORSE, so in order to create the perfectly hydrated and smooth canvas I follow this 5-step routine before applying any makeup. I have searched high and low for the perfect combination of products to plump up my skin with some much needed moisture and am excited to share with you!

1.Wash face with Stone Crop Gel Wash

2.Use two-step daily peel

3.Immediately turn on steamer, allow steam to hit both face and neck

4.Apply thin layer of Water Drench Serum while under steamer (seriously, this stuff is gold in a bottle!)

5.Apply moisturizer on top of Serum, still under steam

After a few days, your skin will be glowing!!

lauren b