[Skin after two Laser Genesis treatments with Angel]

Upon visiting Angel, one of the top aestheticians in Denver & contributor on Denver’s morning show, my skin was dry, dull, and felt lifeless. I just recently switched medication causing me to break out on my chin area. Between the small, lurking purple marks from past breakouts and the fine lines I was beginning to notice in the mirror, I knew I needed to see a professional. After arriving at Angel’s Cherry Creek office, I immediately sat down and began telling her everything that bothers me about my skin. She immediately recommend Laser Genesis.

Laser Genesis is safe for all skin types in both men and women and is proven to stimulate collagen production. It is completely noninvasive and has been proven to shrink pores, reduce redness, improve texture and help slow down the aging process. I recently saw Angel for a treatment two days before filming a new show we are hosting on Freeform called Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. TWO DAYS and I was in front of a camera. There is literally no down time, quite different than a chemical peel.

Angel combined the Laser Genesis with Dermaplane which is the process of removing the “peach fuzz” from the face while also getting rid of dull, lifeless dead skin. These two treatments together took about 25 minutes! Angel named this combo the “Rose Glow”. Clever, Angel. Very clever.

This is not an ad for Laser Genesis by any means. I wanted to share with you all this treatment and my experience with it. Overall I could not be happier. My skin felt hydrated, plump, and glowing after just one treatment. While filming here in Orlando I got countless compliments on my skin. I do invest a lot of time into my at home skincare routine (see my latest post here) however there is only so much you can do at home. It’s always good to combine professional skincare with at home, daily care.

If you are a Denver local I HIGHLY suggest you see Angel or search for a professional in your local area specializing in Laser Genesis.

[It’s so nice to go makeup free!!]

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