Ok. So, maybe Birchbox didn’t save my life but creator and founder of Birchbox, Katia did. Katia and I were introduced through who know’s what, I honestly couldn’t even tell you how, my life has been such a whirlwind. I had the pleasure of getting to know this girl boss and her take on skincare and it really has changed my entire routine. Katia reminded me that I am getting older and need to take care of my skin. Her and I both agree that preventing aging is much better than fixing those wrinkles once they form. I also have incredibly dry skin and living in Denver, traveling, and not drinking enough water were not helping. Katia shared with me her routine and favorite products and now, after using all these products for about a month, I can truly say my skin has been saved.

Let me walk you through this because it’s somewhat lengthy:
Wash face with Shiseido Cleansing oil. This is my number one recommendation for all of you, no matter what skin type you have. I was constantly stripping my skin of its natural oils using harsh face washes that left my skin feeling chapped and dry but “clean”. I thought my skin was only clean until I could barely make a face and looked like I had just received 45 units of botox. This is simply not true. Your skin needs oils. Oils fight wrinkles. This miracle worker literally melts away ANY amount of makeup in a flash and has changed my skin entirely.
Spray Tata Harper Toner on face and neck
Apply Shiseido eye serum
Apply Laniege face serum all over face and neck. (Laniege is an amazing brand that is carried by target. Wahoo!)
Apply Claudelie eye cream
Apply Laniege face moisturizer

I’m not kidding you guys, I know it looks aggressive but it has totally transformed my skin. While I used to see washing my face as an annoying task that I would constantly be too tired to do, I now actually enjoy getting ready for bed. Rather than seeing it as a task or chore I now see it as pampering myself and caring for my beautiful, glowing skin. See all my favorite products below. Also check out Birchbox if you have’t already. It’s like Christmas once a month.