Does your coffee table need a bit of sprucing up? There is actually a formula that you can use to create the most fabulous and chic coffee table! And you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new coffee table to update the look; all you need are a few simple items to take your outdated coffee table from drab to fab.

Think of it as the A B C’s of coffee table decor: accessories, books, and candles. Okay, I guess these are all considered accessories, but it just sounds so much cuter! The right accessories can take any room to the next level, but don’t go overboard, people! When decorating, most of the time less really is more. A fabulous mirrored tray or a rustic wood tray can make such a difference and really helps break up the space on the surface of the table. (One thing to keep in mind- if you have a round coffee table, get a square or rectangular tray.) Add some chic reading material to accompany the tray. You can also place a fun magnifying glass or faux antlers on top of the books. Top it off with a bouquet of flowers and a statement candle and voila! Sittin’ pretty.