I wanted to share some photos from my recent trip with Maaji swim to Colombia. This was my first time to South America and I really didn’t know what to expect. We visited Cartagena- a picturesque city located on the northern coast of Colombia. Nestled on the Caribbean Coast, this beach town is truly a dream. The fifth largest city in Colombia, Cartagena has a rich history and certainly has done an impeccable job of preserving it.

We stayed at the Maaji house located in the historical old town Cartagena. The streets in the town are stunning. Colorful homes line each narrow street while horse drawn carriages make their way in and out of the town. Each block is a bloggers dream. Between the colorful porches, blooming bougainvillea and adorable yellow taxis it’s almost impossible not to take an amazing photo.

Not only was I able to experience Colombian culture but I also met some amazing people. Our group of bloggers and influencers could not have been better as were the local Colombia people we met along the way.

We did Yoga, ate amazing food, marveled at the rich history, relaxed on a private beach and even took some dance lessons (I gracefully stepped aside for the dance- for everyones sake). It was an amazing trip and I will definitely be going back (this time with Ben in tow) to explore Cartagena and the rest of the beautiful country of Colombia.

lauren b