As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I always alter my skincare/makeup when I travel to different places. Going from a very dry climate like Denver to the warm and humid beaches of Florida, I pack different skincare products than I use at home. When I attended Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale this is what I packed. Click on each product for easy shopping!

To achieve a dewy, beachy glow I used a few of the same products you’ve probably heard me talk about but I also added and changed others.

First I used Coconut oil to remove my makeup. Being in the sun all day, the oil soothed my skin and removed any dirt and makeup from the day. You can really use any organic Coconut oil for this.


Next, I washed with one of my favorites, Eminence Firm Skin Acai Cleanser.


Glow with these self-tanning pads.


Then I apply Super Serum Advance by iS Clinical.


Next moisturize with Neutrogena hydro boost.


AM- Before applying make-up

Wash face with warm water. Apply iS Clinical Serum.


Apply Water Drench Serum to plump skin.


Moisturize with Vitamin C packed moisturizer by Sunday Riley.



Add extra protection using this lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen by Giorgio Armani.


Use a primer so makeup lasts all day.


This foundation is lightweight yet give great coverage and has SPF- perfect for festivals and days at the beach.


Cover dark circles to brighten eyes.




Highlight for that beachy glow.


*My secret for the perfect dewy finish** Spray Tatcha Luminous skin mist all over face and neck. DO NOT MISS THIS STEP!!


Don’t forget to use sunscreen (at least 30 SPF) all over your body, especially chest, shoulders and neck.




What are your beach skincare must-haves?






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